New York Based Singer-Songwriter Peter Lake and his Latest Single ‘Bonfire Eyes’ is Redefining Pop

Blissful sound arrangements and feel-good vibes of pop music have united in the latest single Bonfire Eyes by Peter Lake. The artist has done a masterful job in creating this track that portrays his talent, musical sense, and creativity. The track has a musical arrangement that keeps evolving in every next moment with refreshing grooves and beats of digital music. The artist has skillfully utilized this soundscape with his smooth vocal tome and prolific vocal skills. A secondary female vocal has complemented the artist and added a potential layer of depth to the track. This pop ballad is surely a musical treat for everyone.

Peter Lake
Peter Lake

This New York based singer-songwriter is making some significant progress through the industry with not only his talent and skill but also with his humble heart. The artist previously released a track named ‘Vaccinated with Love’ which was created for the sole purpose to help the frontline warriors of the global pandemic. The song is also capable of injecting a potential dose of empathy and motivation among the people. All the streaming royalties have been sent to the health workers and survivors of Corona. This humble approach by the artist is well appreciated by all the doctors and fellow musicians.

The latest track ‘Bonfire Eyes’ is just another milestone on his prolific musical journey. The track is carrying the artist’s musical aura at the epitome of the music industry and letting him gain world recognition. He is greatly influenced by The Beatles, Curtis Mayfield, Motown, Tame Impala, Billie Eilish, Black Coffee, and many other artists. As a result, the artist can dabble between multiple genres and constantly exploring himself through a multi-genre of music. Follow PeterLakeMusic on SoundCloud to have a taste of his music. Peter Lake can be also found on Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube.

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