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The emerging musician, N Tusio Dj who is also popularly called Nicholas Tusio has wreaked havoc with his recent tracks. He has fused genres like house, EDM, and electronic in his latest tracks like ‘NOMIAI’, ‘MIAI’, ‘Flowers Park’ and ‘Non Devi’. An eclectic show of great musicality is laid out by the brilliant Dj based out of Monaco. All his tracks are released from the futuristic music label ‘N TUSIO DJ’. The rhythms of the tracks are excellent and these are some of the best creations by the rocking Dj. His natural expression has struck an instant chord with the fans. The refreshing melody in the tracks with an upfront hook is the highlight of his performances.

The enjoyable track, NOMIAI has got a vintage crackle that is soaked in jazz. The track, MIAI has got a pulsating rhythm that has embraced the listeners with its hypnotic sounds of house music. In the track, ‘Flowers Park’ there is a hypnotic sound of electronic music with high octane rhythm of EDM. The track, ‘Non Devi’ has got a heck of a pace that provides an uplifting and euphoric experience. The prodigious musician, N Tusio Dj has reignited a new wave with a hard-hitting rhythm. He has just come up with the issue of his recent record called ‘MIAI-NO MIAI’.

The prolific musician has stamped his authority and forced several shuffles in the ranks of EDM and house music in the world with his incredible finesse.  There is a modern sheen to the tracks that are increasingly immersive with an energetic soundscape. The tracks have been beautifully crafted and it has got an organic production. The retro synths in the tracks paved the way for the adrenaline rush. The intricacies in the tracks are sci-fi like and it has got a bone-crunching velocity. Almost all his popular tracks are streaming on SoundCloud.

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