Featuring multiple layers of lightness and colors and slowly rising into electronic escapism, upcoming music producer N TUSIO DJ has come up with an infectious single ‘HERE WE GO FESTIVAL!’. The track is masterfully composed by the artist with intricate details and an invigorating musical arrangement. Engagingly energizing and skillfully produced, the track churns out an amalgamated essence of the house, deep house, dance, and EDM music. By incorporating different elements the tracks feel more dynamic, rich, and evolving every moment. The track is capable of stirring inside with its deep house essence. The artist creates a sublime dose of electronic music that encourages people to join the dance floor.

N TUSIO DJThis Monaco-based artist is creating a new wave in electronic music with his unparallel sense of rhythm to create something unique. There are euphoric uplifting his tracks which reflects his well-seasoned skill set. Some of the previous singles like, ‘MIAI’, ‘Flowers Park’, ‘Ntusio’ etc have already created much buzz which is followed by the latest release  HERE WE GO FESTIVAL!. With its clock time of six and a half minute, it takes the listeners on a deep hypnotic journey. Truly justifying its title, it creates a sense of preparation for something bigger and powerful. It is something that listeners cannot expect. It is an intoxicating track and highly recommended for everyone.

Hailing from Montecarlo this artist is spreading musical creativity right across the world and enriching the EDM and house industry. One thing is certain about his music that it is ‘Pure Rhythm’ connecting right to your heart. Progressing with a rocket-fuelled musical journey, the listeners can expect more exciting tracks in the coming days by considering his consistency. The artist is currently working on his forthcoming project. Follow N TUSIO DJ on Soundcloud, Spotifyand YouTube to listen to his latest tracks and experimental works.

Visit to listen this song ‘HERE WE GO FESTIVAL !’ by N TUSIO DJ :https://soundcloud.com/user-711957975/here-we-go-festival