New York based artist Nightmare 7-1-6 streams out two new catchy singles that excite the audience for its rich hip-hop rhythms and the rapper’s stunning rap approach.

For the lovers of classic hip-hop sound, artist Nightmare 7-1-6 has stepped his foot on the scene to impress all with his witty wordplay and fun rap style. The innovative New York based artist writes from his experience and adds engaging rap elements to set a new benchmark for the others. The artist is empowered with several special hip-hop qualities that easily distinguish him from the fellow rappers. Be it his contemporary style or his experimental tunes, everything stands as a testament to his infectious musicality. Unlike other hip-hop contenders, the artist understands the preferences of the audience and creates music that connects with them.

Nightmare 7-1-6
Nightmare 7-1-6

Adding cinematic depth and classic hip-hop rhythms, the rapper is out with two new tracks namely Thunder Strom Feat. Nardo, and ‘Right Now Remix that project his uniqueness in front of the musical landscape. The songs are driven with a fascinating soundscape and no two rhythms sound similar. The artist pours in his raw, compelling, and leanly mixed vocals to add an authoritative weight to the productions. His bold way of speaking the verses with an immensely catchy supporting groove makes the songs fresh and attention-worthy. The artist has proved that he nurtures an authentic flow and has a style that so uniquely hits at the right spots to draw in the fan’s attention. There’s an inevitable groove in his voice, which is something that the hip-hop crowd appreciates.

Hailing from the United States, Nightmare 7-1-6 stands out with his versatile flow as he engages with only worthy beats and flows to avoid sounding repetitive. The songs ‘Thunder Strom Feat. Nardo’ and ‘Right Now Remix’ stand as a definite highlight of his artistic superiority and his story showcases confidence, openness, and struggle, everything intertwined with utmost honesty. With plenty of energy, the rapper breaks the genre monotony and promises great things that could be expected from him in the coming years. Follow him on Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for further updates.

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