The song ‘Spend Sometime’ by upcoming South Caroline rapper Drew The Dream spins an innocent story of love and belongingness that is relatable to the audiences.

Hip hop and rap artist Drew The Dream is presenting the genre with his insightful creative ideas resulting in a beautiful sundry of melody. He recently came out of the song, ‘Spend Sometime’, a relatable saga that takes the audience on a journey of familiar circumstances of waiting for a loved one at a restaurant. The song is about the new love and the anxious plays of our minds. The artist is laidback but sincere in his musical expression as he raps alongside a melodic production streaming. The song conveys new age musical and hip hop drama that beautiful transcribes into a lyrical splurge of emotional sharing.

Spend Sometime

The upcoming South Caroline rapper channels his conviction, passion, and hard work to find exposure in the industry. He draws motivation from other artists and constantly works on his music to reach his optimum potential. Artist Andrew Moye’s song, ‘Spend Sometime’ creates a known saga that we all can relate to. His use of electronic production modulations also makes for an exciting dynamic in the song. The artist takes his audience on a hopeful journey of blossoming love and leaves them feeling good by the end of the song.

Artist Drew The dream has many other songs to his name enriching his soundscape. Some of the songs that define his musical style include ‘Missing Child’, ‘Lonely’, ‘HeartBreak& Misery’, and ‘Titanic’ among many others. A prolific songwriter, his lyrical methods also find complimentary support in his progressive rhythmic patterns. Overall, his music is a representation of modern-day hip hop and rap that continues to grow as a part of the global cultural fest. The artist’s contribution to this evolution of music is priceless and will continue to enrich its value in the days to come. For more updates about his work, follow him on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linktree.

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