Emerging rapper CAINE OTH is making some brisk moves through his latest banger Paper. The rapper has dropped ‘12. Paper’ on SoundCloud and gathered a lot of attention in just two weeks. Featuring a high octane musical arrangement, the single is crafted with heavy digital beats and dark electronic swathes which create a spooky yet hypnotic soundscape. The rapper utilizes it well and meanders through it like a hot knife in butter. His menacing rapping style and amazing balance of rhythmic and lyrical hold make this track a fine hip-hop masterpiece. It has been released under the OTH entertainment, the artist’s own record label.

Hailing from Nevada, this multi-talented Las Vegas rapper is spreading his aura and creativity all over the world. He is churning out the authentic essence of new-age hip hop and rap through each of his releases. The previous bangers have helped to pave his way in the industry while gaining the attention of fellow rappers and musicians. The tracks like ‘Pressure’, ‘Daddy’, etc are some of the greatest hits. The latest track ‘12. Paper’ signifies that an exquisite album will be coming soon as there is a serial number on it. Similarly, the artist has released ‘2. Ceasar’s Speech’, ‘6. KING 1’, with other serial numbers which imply that these tracks will be featured in the coming album. Each of these tracks including ‘Paper’, is establishing the artist musical consistency and creativity among everyone.

Currently, this rapper is gaining at full throttle on his musical journey with a determination to create more exquisite bangers in the coming days of his career. His relevant and hard-hitting verses are capable of depicting the truth of society and life in an unapologetic manner along with an ample pinch of confidence. Follow CAINE OTH on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Facebook to know more.

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