The new successful hip hop artist from Texas, SIR COG empowers the listeners to face their troubles with confidence through his sublime lyrical compositions.

The contemporary rap industry welcomes another brilliant singer-songwriter who goes by the name of SIR COG showcasing extraordinary talent at what he does. He has released a brand-new track, More Where That Came From’ that is brimming with positive vibes. His heart-pounding rhyming exudes a sense of comfort to the audience filling their hearts with exceptional self-confidence. His next soundtrack, ‘Let Me Loose’ is another masterful rap banger featuring hard-hitting beats and well-synchronized rap verses. Both the tracks are rich in groovy rhythmic cadence achieved through clever chord structures and progressive arrangements of rhythms.


Based out of Dallas, Texas, the supremely talented artist always had been a major fan of the genre of hip hop. He was deeply inspired by the hip-hop artists who would express their thoughts and opinions about the world through their lyrical numbers forging a connection with the audience along the way. The new successful hip hop artist has always craved to make a humane connection with others through his eloquent lyrical ballads. To fulfill this dream he backed away from the current trend and decided to follow only his own emotions when making music. This makes his songs much more believable and grounded in the reality.

Working as the main artist of the renowned record label TKR Embassy Media, SIR COG is trying to shape the future of the hip hop genre with his unconventional approach. His newest singles, ‘More Where That Came From’ and Let Me Loose’ present his unique rendition of the genre through their unparalleled rap verses and equally exceptional rhythmic backdrop. His other songs ‘They’re Dependin’ On Me’, ‘This Ain’t No Joke’, ‘Wit My Pen’, and ‘The System’ also feature these unique qualities. He plans to drop new singles and album series this year. Follow him on SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram for more music and updates about his upcoming works.

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