Philly.CFeaturing a high octane production and dope lyricism, Philly.C has come up with his latest bangers to tantalize his listeners. The rapper has recently dropped a single named Limitless (Get Me Rich) which is currently buzzing through the music industry and local hip hop scenes. The artist likes to take inspiration from life and its experiences which reflects through his subject matter and verses that come straight out of his gut and heart. He has an eclectic style of rapping which captivates listeners with a smooth balance of lyrical and rhythmic flow. The banger is a perfect example of his catchy wordplay and indulgent rapping skills.

Similar creativity and hard-hitting bars can be found in another track No Sleep which is Produced by illWillBeatz. The track is finely calibrated with a hypnotic ambiance which makes it quite hooky to listen to. The digital sound design is kept minimal to focus on the artist while he spits fire through his verses. ‘Limitless (Get Me Rich)’ is produced by V1D3 Beatz X KRoNiQB3AT$ and it is being another fine piece in Philly’s musical arsenal. Previously, this artist has released many tracks like, ‘Greatness’, ‘BALLOUT’, ‘Issues’, and so on. Each time, the artist has collaborated with new producers like Prod. Dnique, Retnik Beats, KpBeats and the list keep going on.

Hailing from Toronto, this Hip-hop artist from Canada is spreading his musical creativity across the world with each new release he makes. The rapper is creating a new vibe in the hip-hop industry with his sheer individuality. He is gaining at full speed on his never-ending musical journey and the latest tracks like ‘No Sleep’ are just another milestone on that. He is looking forward to making more releases in the coming days of his prolific career. Follow Philly.C on Instagram and Twitter to know more about this artist and his upcoming music.

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