Renowned globally for his bold rap lyrics, new successful hip-hop artist SIR COG is leaving no stones unturned for carrying on with his excellent soundscape.


Hip-hop and rap have surrounded the music industry with latest beats that elevate the mood of every party-monger. Smooth and bold with his lyrics, renowned hip-hop artist SIR COG has been doing the rounds of the music industry with his two popular tracks The Longhorns Freestyle, and Legendary Freestyle which has already crossed more than 28k plays on the famous music streaming platform of Soundcloud. The artist has been coming up with his wonderful creations for the last couple of years and has been breaking the boundaries of contemporary hip-hop with his productions. The bold lyrics and the crisp music in the tracks from the artist make the productions of this caliber very rare in today’s music industry.

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, United States, this new successful hip hop artist has mastered his songwriting skills to pave the way for becoming a renowned face in the hip-hop music industry. The brilliant composition in each of his production makes the artist one of a kind. The artist is now the main face of the newly found major music industry label TKR Embassy Media. The artist has been quite successful in overcoming the competition and all the difficulties for becoming the main artist of such a renowned label house. The artist is urging all his listeners to hustle hard and create great content.

The artist has analyzed all the aspects of being a hip-hop artist and has become a pure genius in his work. The artist is planning to release some new singles and album series in the summer of 2022. Tracks like ‘The Longhorns Freestyle’, and ‘Legendary Freestyle’ have truly highlighted the artist’s immense talent and great potential. All of his tracks are available for listeners on Soundcloud. Follow SIR COG on Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for getting all the updates regarding his upcoming releases and more.

SIR COG’s latest tracks released on Soundcloud:

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