The man of many talents from creating great musical hits to writing and becoming the bestselling author, he has always guaranteed success in each field that he treads on. In his bestselling book ‘The Remedy’, his veganism and organic way of life have influenced a lot of people. And to encourage them further he had come up with health supplements to promote an overall healthy lifestyle. And that is the reason SupaNova Slom is called ‘the medicine man of hip-hop’. We have the liberty to sit with this superhuman and talk about his new release video of his already famous track SUPA MEGA. And this is how it goes.

1. Hello SupaNova Slom, congratulations on your new release I thoroughly enjoyed the song and many have also liked the track immensely. So share some memories that you have while shooting the video of ‘SUPA MEGA’?

Ans. We shot the video in harlem NYC at a local sound stage. The theme was black and white and we shot a variety of performances in both all black and white rooms. It was exciting and fun.

2. We have seen you collaborating with several artists. So how was the experience while performing with other contemporaries?

Ans. Over the years i have feat various artist in my catalog of work, i love collaborating with other creatives.

3. So you have shared about the album you are working on, can you shade a little bit more light on the project?

Ans. At this point i’m currently in demo and pre-ductiontion phase. My production team and i are still figuring it out and shaping what the final outcome will be. We are working towards something big, huge and epic.

4. Many have been inspired by the form of your art, from whom did you get your inspirations?

Ans. My earlier artist inspirations where prince and MJ as a youth. My current artist inspiration is Kanye West and Drake.

5. What are the tips or advice you want to provide the next generation?

Ans. My Message is, to be your authentic self. Find your voice and do it epic. Keep growing. Keep going.

SupaNova Slom

6. What was the biggest challenge that you had to face in your musical journey? And how did you overcome it?

Ans. The biggest challenge for any artist is to create and connect your audience. Throughout my journey i had moments that i felt i connected and other times i felt like i missed. It’s a constant self exploration and openness that i strive to maintain, now with this new buzz single/video “SUPA MEGA”, and the new material i’m prepping i feel that my time of growth and connection has arrived.

7. You already are a renowned author are you planning to write more books in the future?

Ans. Yes i plan on working on more published works in the near future.

8. You have mastered the hip-hop genre and rapping, will experiment with other genres or make some fusion music in the future?

Ans. Most of my past albums have been heavy fusions of rap, rock, alternative, punk, soul, funk and R&B. At this time i’m looking forward to breakthrough with hip hop/rap and continue on growing my audience massively. At that point if my fans will be willing to support me sonically expanding back into fusion projects, i would be excited to salute the call.

9. According to you which one is your best work by far?

Ans. Speaking to your fusion question my last project/album “Love In The Midst Of Chaos” is the best example of a fusion project, and my 2009 release “The Remedy” i feel is my best cohesive hip hop/rap albums to date. So my goal is to surpass the popularity and sonic of my previous releases with my current work that i’m crafting.

10. How old were you when you found your passion for music? And how do you start your journey?

Ans. I was 7year old when i knew i wanted to be an artist musician. I stared playing guitar and piano then moved on to voice training and song writing/rapping.

11. What is the first memory you can recall about music, or performing music?

Ans. I recording my first rap song in the studio at age 12 and performed with a live band at the legendary CBGB’s in NYC at 13yrs old.

12. Would you like to say something for your fans and your followers?

Ans. Supreme gratitude for the support. Continued blessings, wellness salute!

Jacklyn Ryan

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