The singer 4eva is one of the names who has made his career by the strength of his exceptional musical talents. Previously he has released two eccentric albums soaked in his truthful vibe. And this new single Water has showcased the supreme qualities of his voice along with his genius forms of composing a song with a brilliant tune. The song has an addictive nature, once someone starts listening to this number there will be no turning back, that person has to play the song on loops, and this song is that addictive. He has faced various ups and downs in his life but never gave up on his dreams, until he became successful.


The Mississippi hip-hop artist is someone who has a voice that is completely saturated with all the hardship and made it more sensual. The daunting vocal qualities back with the honest wordplay have made the song more entertaining for the listeners. 4eva is extremely dedicated to his forms of art, and the listeners can hear the hardship of life that is well-hidden by all the humor and quirk of the song. And this story of his musical journey and his music both are extremely inspiring for anyone. The song is an exact portrayal of life and the meaning of life.

The singer is also known as Quardre Mosley, from Shuqualak, Mississippi, United States. He made his debut with the song ‘All You’, another brilliantly formed number that has crossed 66K views on one of the major music streaming platforms. And ‘Water’ is on its way to reaching an even further number of streams. Listen to more of his songs like ‘Ball Hard’, ‘Rich Nigga Drip’, ‘Digit’, ‘Devoted’, ‘Came for Nothing’, ‘Different’, ‘Racks’, ‘Money Coming’, ‘D boy Drip’‘All You’, ‘Run Away’, ‘Forever Loving You’, ‘Hold Me’, ‘Waste my Time’, ‘Please Baby’. Follow him on SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Please visit here to listen this song ‘Water’ by 4eva :

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