“Stay Baby Stay (Like A Lullaby)” by artist Peter Lake is the track to fall in love. The all-new song will bring in a new record yet again for the artist.


Listeners on Soundcloud are going crazy once again as Peter Lake has recently launched his new multi-fusion number Stay Baby Stay (Like A Lullaby). The artist generally shows off his impressive skills with the musical genre of pop. This time, the artist has come up with a fusion of two mixed songs. The newly posted song by the artist carries a genuine reason behind it, and that is to convince his friend to stay. The brilliant mixing style and the loud beats are the main highlights of the track.

The global music community is full of praise and appreciation for the artist’s new song. The comment section under the song is proof of that. The artist has portrayed a different nature of him with this song. The first version of the song was recorded by the artist with an acoustic guitar, and in a melodic tone. The second version of the song was recorded using Ableton. Other famous works from the artist involve tracks like “Shadow Games”, “Ghosts In Me”, “6 Seconds”, “Blue Flower Blue”, and more.

The artist Peter Lake, with his new release has tried to convey two sides of him. The artist has tried to display both the sweet and the sad way in which he is trying to convince his friend to stay. The artist has also stated that the mixed version of the track captures and highlights his feelings better both as an artist and as a person. From the production and musical point of view, this is a fusion that is going to top the charts once again. In less than 4 days, the track is close to crossing 100k plays. Listen to the track “Stay Baby Stay (Like A Lullaby)” on Soundcloud. Follow the artist on YouTube and Instagram for further information.

PeterLakeMusic released his new track on Soundcloud: