Emerging Georgia Hip-hop Artist is delivering some brilliantly narrated rapping verses of Kiera Janea. Cool and gripping she is here to make the world enjoy along.

Young and extremely talented hip-hop artist Kiera Janea has delivered some magnetic soundscapes in her debut EP ‘MillQuarter Outlaw EP’. Born as MillQuarter Outlaw and hailing from Georgia, United States she has offered numbers that are soaking with charming hip-hop accents. In this EP 6 songs are there and the most intriguing one is Chill Out. Janea’s voice has made the song widely enjoyable. The freshness and the rawness of the song foreshow her uprising musical career. The expressive nature of hip-hop and the catchy styles of rapping verses have elevated the song. Her dedication has ensured the productivity that she offered in this EP.

Kiera Janea
Kiera Janea

Another number from this six-song-EP Woman of My Dreamhas these charming rapping verses telling the story of women facing the world. She is exceptionally charming with her musical compositions. Her cultivated ways of making a song are profoundly levitating. This unique aura of this Georgia Hip-hop Artist is going to be one of the contributing factors to her uprise. And for her greatly arranged number ‘Woman of My Dream’, she deserves all the appreciation of this world of music. She is young and bold and her unapologetic hip-hop tunes and tones showcase the authority and command she has over this genre.

She is now working on the franchise of ‘MillQuarter Outlaw EP’, and surely the upcoming EP will be more charming and more enjoyable. In her debut EP, Kiera Janea has collaborated with WSMQ Fatboy for the song ‘Get Loose’. This EP was released by Smok’n Roses. The rest of the songs from this EP are ‘Assassin (Shooter)’, ‘cake (Oh Yeah)’, and ‘C’Est La Vie’. Her fans are waiting for the forthcoming EP to groove along with her as they did while witnessing ‘Chill Out’. Her music is available on SoundCloud. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter to know more about her musical journey.

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