This Pop music artist from Perth is back with the fifth installment of musical homage to Australian musicians. Witness the profound musicality ofO’Neill Fernandes.

O'Neill Fernandes

The exceptional musical arrangement of O’Neill  Fernandes has the power to offer the encapsulated nostalgia with his music. He has been paying homage to various Australian musicians who have enriched the world of music with their skills. O’Neill is delivering instrumental pieces that can grip the listeners and give them the ecstatic vibes of these legendary performers. The Album ‘G’DayG’Day’ is the 5th installment of this project; previously O’Neill has offered his consuming musicality in his ‘Sounds of Then…This is Australia’, ‘True Blue’, ‘Howzat’, and ‘Down Under’. This album has 20 songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s along with a few millennial numbers.

O’Neill has shared these songs which he has enjoyed whilst growing up and now he is sharing his love for these tracks with his outstanding musical skills. O’Neill has made the INXS 1987 rock number ‘Mystify’ extremely compelling and intriguing andhas offered a unique profoundness to the song while performing it with his talents. Several performances of this album by this Pop music artist from Perth are winning hearts with his skills. With his magnetic performances of Split Enz 1980’s supreme hit track, ‘I Got You’ along with all the detailed soundscapes he is just brilliant in the song.

The title song of this album is an extremely popular Slim Dusty Folk song from 1988; he has amplified the country vibes in his version. O’Neill Fernandes has delivered 20 tracks which are ‘Standing On The Out Side’, ‘Lady’, ‘Blue Jeans’, ‘I’d Go With You Anywhere’, ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’, ‘Open Your Heart’, ‘Picking Up Pebbles’, ‘I Got You’, ‘If You Love Someone’, ‘Mystify’, ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’, ‘I’m Coming Home’, ‘Chemistry’, ‘Maxine’, ‘So Many Paths’,‘October Grey’, ‘I Love You So Rebecca’, ‘People Like Us’, ‘Raining On The Plains’, and ‘G’DayG’Day’. O’Neill’s music is available on SoundCloud and YouTube, you can also follow him on Facebook.

Please visit here to listen to the songs ofO’Neill Fernandes:

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