Final Judgment, London’s electrofusion artist, has instilled the hard-hitting heavy metal rock vibes with his all-new banger “Complacent Destruction.”

Final Judgment

Rock music is popular for its emotion-generating capabilities and artists taking up rock are the ones who express it. Similarly, electronic music artist Final Judgment is up with a song that describes the real scenario of politics and people of the new generation. The song, Complacent Destruction focus on a heavy metal rock music genre that brings the loudest of beats and the richest of bass. The artist has executed the aspect of self-expression in a brilliant way. Courageous and confident personalities like these have long been missing from the music industry. Well, hard emotion holders and great admires of rock music now have a reason to rejoice due to the mind-blowing concepts brought up by the artist via his songs.

The fusion of the rocking guitar tunes combined with the hard-hitting voice of the artist sets a rebellious tone in the song. The aim of making people aware of reality has been portrayed excellently by the artist via the song. The song is a motivation to every people out in the world who are afraid of their inner fears. The artist has tried to lift the mood and the spirits of people who have already lost their inner selves. The artist has pointed out forced and intrusive manipulation and derogative outdated education along with many other real-life problems that the new generation is facing nowadays.

Franciso Guimaraes, popularly known for his moniker Final Judgment, is London’s electrofusion artist who has turned the music industry upside down with his compelling numbers. Some of the famous hits from the artist include songs like “Better Left Alone,” “Sad But True,” and the list goes on. With the latest song, the artist is set to achieve some new milestones in his already impressive career. Listen to the song “Complacent Destruction” streaming on SoundCloud. For more updates, follow the artist on Facebook and Twitter.

Please visit here to listen to the song of Final Judgment:

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