Join a high-octane musical journey with N TUSIO DJ and his latest creation ‘NT 10P – PARADIGMA’. The track offers a powerful blend of EDM and Dance music.

Get ready to hit the dance floor with N TUSIO DJ and his latest representation of NT 10P – PARADIGMA. It is one of the finest musical projects by this unwavering music composer that has enveloped the listeners around the globe. This latest single comes with a clock time of 5 minutes and 12 seconds; it is safe to say that each second of this track is exciting. The track starts off slowly and gradually takes its pace which is maintained all over the composition. The soundscape is crafted in a way that does not sound repetitive yet offers a major hook to groove with. The whole musical arrangement is deftly produced and reflects the artist’s creative psyche through music.

This talented DJ is showing some brisk moves through each of his musical projects and has made significant progress within a short duration. Some of his earlier singles such as ‘SPACE SONAR’, ‘ONE SHOT ONE GO’, ‘NOMIAI’, ‘MIAI’, etc have proved his musical skills and consistency in his craft. Each of these tracks is composed of the robust elements of EDM, Dance, and Electronica. The amalgamated essence of electronic dance music captivates the audience and invites them to the dance floor. Therefore, N TUSIO’s name is quite famous among the club hoppers as well as musical personas from the industry.

Starting his musical career with the tracks like ‘Ntusio’, ‘Non-Devi’, ‘Flowers Park’, etc, this DJ is currently a role model for the emerging music composers in the scene. The latest release of ‘NT 10P – PARADIGMA’ is creating a huge buzz among the fans, offering a different taste of his powerful musical aura. Even though the track is an instrumental composition, it offers an emotive flavor as it proceeds. Follow N TUSIO DJ on Instagram, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and his official website to know more about his musical compositions.

Let’s listen to N TUSIO DJ’s track ‘NT 10P – PARADIGMA’ only on SoundCloud:

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