If you are looking for an expressive perspective of music and musical variety then Peter Lake Music will be the best option. His fresh release ‘Stones’ will blow your mind.


Being an extremely well-formed artist Peter Lake Music has always been very versatile with the job he does. He is a person who celebrates anonymity and also elevates other musicians by producing their craft and bringing them to the notice of the world. Having an exceptional musical aptitude he knows which tunes will uplift which portion of the song. He is not only an extremely compelling singer but also a songwriter and producer. His unique conception of only conducting virtual concerts is very appreciable as it costs less and can let people around the world join the fun. And the entire procedure is not as tiring as a live on-stage concert or tour.

His new release Stones is reaching heights with its sheer merit and consuming vibes. Being a producer he has been associated with various artists and this experience of his has made him compose songs that are like a treat to the ears. His most popular track ‘Blue Flower Blue’ has a unique taste a flavor to it which makes it extremely positive and charming. Peter has made sure that his music travels through boundaries and reaches everywhere. Peter Lake Music has the potential to win over this world is armed with his music and reflective profoundness.

If you are intrigued to witness this artist then you must listen to his songs like ‘Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr. Osterholm)’, ‘Bonfire Eyes’, ‘Come Over Here’, ‘Black Corridor’, ‘Past Lives’, ‘6 Seconds’, ‘Blue Flower Blue’, ‘Whistle’, ‘We Got That’, ‘Sugar It Lightly’, ‘Shadow Games’, ‘Ghosts in Me’, ‘Stay baby Stay (Like A Lullaby)’, ‘Sweet Abyss (What If I Need You?)’, ‘Figure It Out’, ‘Flowers and Rain’, and ‘Stones’. His entire work of music is available on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. Apart from that you can know more about him or contact him via his website or Instagram page, he will be available on both.

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