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Crisis management is a real thing that holds extreme importance in work and personal relationships. Capturing this concept Los Angeles Crisis Negotiator Jonathan Pultz is spreading his wings of creativity by writing a book gathering his knowledge which is titled ‘Negotiating Like Lives Are on the Line: The Essentials of Crisis Negotiation for Use in Everyday Situations’. The primary aim of writing this book is to share his comprehension and understanding of ways to deal with difficult situations with the readers.

The writer has been in the industry and has been working as a crisis negotiator for around 24 years, which has helped him write this book with a thorough understanding. He wants to share his knowledge so that he can help his readers become good communicators. The content of this book is all about how you can become good at communicating and resolving a chaotic situation. The book was published on September 25, 2022, and is now available on both Kindle and paperback forms.

Everyone goes through this difficult state of affairs where they have to negotiate a high-pressure business deal. Family affairs are not easy either, situations may occur where you have to deal with and confront an angry family member and calm him down. These cases proved to be extremely stressful and difficult to handle. The book ‘Negotiating Like Lives Are on the Line: The Essentials of Crisis Negotiation for Use in Everyday Situations‘ is exactly written for these situations and helps people learn tactics for dealing with these issues.

Sharing his knowledge is nothing new for the author as Jonathan Pultz worked as a teacher previously as taught hundreds of students throughout his life on crisis negotiation. The book will help the readers in controlling and manage their emotions in stressful situations. At the same time, the book mentions words of knowledge that will prepare the readers to deal with difficult real-life situations. Follow him on social media for his other works.

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