Christian Krauter, widely popular as Queensland DJ returns with some soul-soothing and mind-refreshing publishes. The tracks are distinctive yet audibly blessed.

Christian Krauter

Electronic Dance Music lovers are all over the world and they are addicted to jive with bass-boosted beats. Christian Krauter who is extremely popular among his fans as a quintessential mixing EDM soundscapes creator is back with some of his masterpieces. Unique and confident, extremely original, these songs are a blessing for ears. These soul-soothing soundtracks are enough to make you feel trance and lost in the parallel universe of music. His highly compelling tracks are enough to hook you with headphones and move your feet.

Queensland DJ is famous for combining technical upgradation with music. His experimentations are authentic and his years of experience. Playing with instruments and adding them to his crafting is his brilliance. Christian recently published some of his highly expected successful creations, Give Me Bass House, and Deja Vu’. The blending of beats and Metallica sometimes portray his immense love and interest in the RnB genre. Versatile cocktail sound maker, Christian is on his track to push his name on top of the list and also passionately trying to raise the bar. Sometimes with high pitch and sometimes low, his tracks will tap the string of your heart.

This prolific musician is constantly sharpening his capabilities and is eagerly interested to work with others, sharing his caliber to create magic. Christian Krauter is an Austrian citizen who had a great interest in creating popular music so coming across lots of other genres like Psy Rock, Reverb, Melodic Dubstep, and Electronica; he found what’s his mastery and uniqueness. It’s an interesting fact that he has no musical background but still, he taught himself to fulfill his dream. He is always active with his fans and followers all over the world on social websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. His songs like – ‘Let It Change’, ‘Fricative Sound’, ‘Metal Scream’ and ‘Pixel BOB’ are worldwide available on his own website and also on SoundCloud, and visually on YouTube. Stay connected with him for the latest updates.

Christian Krauter is hitting a new level of creativity with his songs:

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