The immensely talented Queensland DJ Christian Krauter is all set to take over the dance scene with two new EDM gems ‘Musica La Fiesta’ and ‘BoopDa Bee’.

Christian Krauter

Bringing together elements of industrial sound play and quirky bold dance, the sought-after music adroit Christian Krauter is back with two new tracks ‘Musica La Fiesta’ and BoopDa Bee that are all set to take over the contemporary EDM scene. Each of Krauter’s tracks stands as a representative of his infinitely expanding creative freedom, and these two are no different. The tracks showcase the wide range that the artist possesses when it comes to his art.

Musica La Fiesta drips with liquid synthesizers adorned by an array of bass and beats. The track is a stunning number of booming electronica and house that is destined to take over the dancefloor. There is a jazz-like degree of liberty when it comes to melody and rhythm creating a hypnotic realm of artistic space. ‘BoopDa Bee’ on the other hand represents the funkier side of Nu-dance. The intricate pattern of melodies is woven by the synthesized slap-bass line, Vox as well as a fusion of alluring retro-style synth elements. The tracks stand tall on the undeniable foundations of trippy rhythms and unpredictable melodies that build intrigue and entertain at the same time. The threads of mellifluous tunes pulled by the Queensland DJ cascade and collide to present the perfect dance numbers to glam up the dancefloor.

What defines Christian Krauter’s music is the uniqueness of definition and design that he lends to his tracks, creating a cinematic effect with a clear focus on flow and intention. There is a massive experimental aspect to his music that arises from his innate passion for the art and is rooted in the sense of purpose and identity that becomes his underlying inspiration. To check out these brilliant tracks by the artist and more like ‘Pixel BOB’ and ‘Groove Bomb’, log into SoundCloud. His tracks are also available on Spotify, Youtube, and his website. To always remain updated on the artist, follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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