Chris Balgos

Laying emphasis on authenticity becomes one of the key ingredients when it comes to the resplendent musical creations of Chris Balgos and his newest releaseSayin IDGAFis no exception. The hook-like riffs augment the effect that the artist’s passionate voice creates on listeners with its complex weavings of the vocal textures. The musical elements introduced in the song create a fizzy space of percussion loops that forms almost a billowing energy that adds color to the song and retains the unwavering interest of the listeners. The variations of riff loops stitch in perfectly to create a fabric of tension that is seared through with a rhythmic impact of sublime energy.

What remains unique about the song is the depth of the lyrics against the seemingly carefree musical background. Though at the outset it would appear to be an easy-listening number, upon careful observation the lyrics turn out to be an absolute emotive expression of the San Diego Hiphop Artist that not only pierces deep into the hearts of listeners but also gives a peek into his vulnerability. The universality of the emotions represented in the song enables listeners to empathize with the singer and thereby creates a strong bond between the two parties. The verses appear somewhat harsh and bleak but it is this very raw passion that emphasizes the originality of the artist’s creation, while the lyrical points are driven home further by the impeccable editing techniques.

With ‘Sayin IDGAF’, Chris Balgos releases a storm of creative flurry that remains uncompromising in its style and design. The adroit musical piece testifies to the colorful story-telling quality of the artist. This amazing track is available for Streaming on SoundCloud, along with others like ‘Get Ya Paper Man’ and ‘She On My Mind’. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram to never miss an update.

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