Inspiring a sense of familiarity and comfort through rap verses founded in universal pathos, the Florida hip-hop artist Big Walt confounds rap lovers with his songs ‘HideOut’ and ‘Tired’.

Big Walt

Skilled wordplay comes together with a smart and extensive progression in the music of the rap music paragon Big Walt, and this trademark feature is expressed perfectly in his songs HideOutand Tired. The songs remain unique as they impress with their catchy long-form bars and passionate and unorthodox hooks. The artist brings forth this innate creativity in composing the lyrics that pierce right through the hearts of the listeners and picks up themes that remain relatable to audiences from all walks of life. He takes care to portray a contemporary soundscape powered by trap rhythms befitting the bold verses and the strength of his deep vocals.

‘HideOut’ is an unparalleled musical piece as in this song, the artist allows listeners to dive deep into his psyche and gives them a glimpse of his vulnerable side. The feeling of trying to be hidden from the world because one is tired of it all is a universal feeling that every individual must have felt at some point in their life and this makes the song insanely relatable, driving the lyrics home and allowing listeners to form a deep bond with the artist. ‘Tired’ is another emotive number by the Florida hip-hop artist that sets the bar really high with its authentic sound design, and impresses listeners with the unpredictable lyrical switches from one moment to another while keeping the relevance of the song intact throughout.

When it comes to his musical creations, Big Walt leaves no stone unturned in showcasing the best of his abilities, with the innovative juxtaposition of modern rap with an unforgettable hook with the timeless thought-provoking quality of classic hip-hop, evident in tracks like ‘At Peace’ and ‘Lost’. The pathos in his tracks, instead of driving it down the path of melancholia, drives them to a sublime realm of infectious positivity. Check out these musical gems from the artist’s treasure trove on SoundCloud.

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