The Pop music artist from Perth O’Neill Fernandes pays tribute to Hank Marvin and the Shadows with his new album ‘Shades of The Shads…Vol.3’, comprising songs like ‘Like Strangers’ and ‘Zambesi’.

O'Neill Fernandes

Introducing a refreshing twist of timelessness to modern chillout, the crackerjack music artist O’Neill Fernandes brings in a treasure trove of sensational musical numbers as he introduces Side A of his 40th album ‘Shades of The Shads…Vol.3’, comprising 25 enchanting tracks abound in melodic and deep vibes and warm soulfulness. Laying forth a foundation of intimacy, and delicacy of organic meandering, countered by a deftly crafted set of bass beats and synths, the album takes listeners on a musical journey that covers the period from 1960 to 1998, finding relevance in a wide range of audience. The album comprises some of the most beloved numbers that have won over the hearts of the audience and the artist imparts them with a unique twist of his own. Among these are the two songs: ‘Like Strangers’ and ‘Zambesi’.

The Pop music artist from Perth retains the originality of the tracks while introducing them with elements that give them a contemporary flavor and add to their innate groove. The song ‘Zambesi’ was originally released by The Shadows in 1964 in the album ‘Dance with The Shadows’, while ‘Like Strangers’ was recorded by them and released on their Album ‘Specs Appeal’ in 1975. While the former takes on a jazzy groove that instantly fills the room with joy and urges listeners to take to the dancefloor, the latter takes on a softer note and a soothing sound design that instills an uplifting vibe within the hearts of the listeners.

Masterfully crafted to pay tribute to Hank Marvin and the Shadows for the wonderful music they gifted the world with,  ‘Shades of The Shads…Vol.3’ is a stroke of sheer brilliance on the part of O’Neill Fernandes. Listen to this album on SoundCloud and listen to his other musical masterpieces like ‘Swing The Mood’ and ‘Peppermint Twist’. Subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on LinkedIn and Facebook for more updates.

Listen to these Tracks on Soundcloud:

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