The Nevada Music Producer, KingZiLLa ft.BRO.BLAKE has dropped another incredible track ‘AH SUCKERPUSS DELICIOUS LOLLIPOP ADVENTURE’. This song will make you dance.


Engaging and highly functioning, KingZiLLa is back to make all the adjustments to offer his audience the best track to which they can dance. As he joined his forces with BRO.BLAKE, the blast happens. Their collaborative venture AH SUCKERPUSS DELICIOUS LOLLIPOP ADVENTURE is making everyone falls for its quirky and gravitating formations. The audaciously witty words along with its highly intriguing music have made this entire track completely and extensively enjoyable. He has been a seasoned artist and his mature diction shows how great he is as an artist. His words are often straight and the music that accompanied each of these words is truly fascinating.

This Nevada Music Producer has elevated the core feeling of Dub-Funk for his audience. The music and its gravity will have one of the most long-lasting impressions on you. As the song and its lyricism to will grow on you until you can’t resist yourself to play it one more time, and then once again, and again. The loop will continue and if you play this track at a party it will engage people and your dance floor will be filled with enthusiastic dancers. Some song creates this sort of impression on people, and KingZiLLa is known for his compelling qualities.

BRO.BLAKE has worked with him for various tracks, and ‘AH SUCKERPUSS DELICIOUS LOLLIPOP ADVENTURE’ is surely one of their best by far. Their magical musical chemistry has made this number even more enticing for its listeners. Some of their fine music works are ‘EVERYDAY HUSTLE EVERYDAY PEOPLE’, ‘AH FUNKOTRIPOLICTIC METAPHOR’, ‘MY KALLING’, ‘SPEEDE’, and ‘TIN PAN ALLEY & THE MAA SUCKERS’. Soon he will give us the opportunity to fall for his music releases and his drumming skill with another seamlessly crafted number. Listen to his numbers on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and His official music website. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Visit to listen to this song ‘AH SUCKERPUSS DELICIOUS LOLLIPOP ADVENTURE’ by KingZiLLa:

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