The New Jersey multi-genre artist Chanidu has dished out the metaphorical melody ‘Stay Watchful’ that describes the unseen and unknown things and compels listeners to be watchful.


Drawing inspiration from an array of different rock and country legends, the promising shining star on the musical horizon Chanidu has concocted the perfect melodic blend in his newest releaseStay Watchful. The song strikes a fine balance of the weight of dreamy atmospheric tones and arena-ready energizing rock brilliance. There is an intrinsic intensity that delves deep into the psyche of the listeners and provides them with much food for contemplation. The song comes as the soundscape of mellifluous escapism that the lovers of rock music crave and at the same time weaves a conceptually provocative fabric for their minds to wander free.

The most striking aspect of the song is the metaphorical verses used to describe that which is unseen and unknown to humans. It addresses people to be watchful and vigilant so as not to be caught off-guard in any scenario. The fast-paced vocal outpour takes on the thread of a shoegaze and glosses over the message that the lyrics intend to convey. The organic vocal delicacy of the New Jersey multi-genre artist is augmented with the dexterous electronic maneuvers that make it fitting for the contemporary music scene. From the very outset, ‘Stay Watchful’ grips listeners into an enlivening vortex of optimism and good vibes and makes for a pleasant jam-worthy listen.

The intriguing impact of a hypnotic sound design paired with the authenticity of the concept and optimistic outlook is a specialty of Chanidu, as previously seen in tracks like ‘Make better world’ and ‘What is your love like?’. Each of his songs conveys a universal message that resonates deep within the hearts of his listeners and gets them hooked in a jiffy. His songs are available for streaming on SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and check out his website for more musical updates.

Just go for this track ‘Stay Watchful’ by Chanidu:

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