It will hard to control your feet when MAGA HUNDRED is playing in the house. Vouch for this New Jersey Dancehall Artist’s incredible release brand new release ‘SHOES’.

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Get ready to witness another highly talented music artist MAGA HUNDRED, a prolific dancehall recording artist who is known for his incredible musical vibes. One of his recent releases, ‘SHOES, is a highly engaging number that will not just make you go on your feet and dance your way through this number. The addictive dancing vibes of this number are surely a great way to unwind your weekend. From his quirky vocals to his highly fascinating soundscapes, he is a man of versatile flavors once you start witnessing his greatly profound releases. The Jamaican vibes of his number are truly infectious.

Born in Spanish Town, St. Catherine Jamaica, MAGA HUNDRED, commonly known as Courtney Johnson. Yet at the age of 10, he immigrated to the US in a city called Paterson, New Jersey. Since the time of his musical inception, he was making some extremely compelling numbers packed with high vibes and some well-formed verses to make everyone in the room completely engulfed by his release. This New Jersey Dancehall Artist offers some that are packed with highly captivating musical vibes. He is surely going one of the prominent artists who know very well how to make his audience with beats and percussions.

Apart from his highly grooving and oscillating number ‘SHOES’ he has offered incredible releases like ‘NEW SPACE SHIP (raw)’, ‘WITHOUT YOU (raw)’, ‘BODY LIKE A DOLLY’, ‘FOCUS’, ‘UP AGAIN (raw)’, and many others. And two of his recent releases that have gained a lot of attraction are “Body Like a Dolly” and “Rock Like This”. Expectantly, he will be back with more fresh releases like this one. And the unique musical arrangements of his music releases can make you get high with peppy tunes. So, get ready to get high with his intoxicating releases, his music is available on various music-streaming platforms including SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. You can also follow him on Instagram.

Just go for this track ‘SHOES’ by MAGA HUNDRED:

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