Join an exciting musical journey with Christian Krauter, the Queensland DJ who is best known for his enticing house, trap, and EDM creations that every listener likes.


The season of celebration should never end just like DJ Christian Krauter’s dynamic musical arsenal that can fuel every occasion. Whether it is a late-night party or a summer gathering under the sun, this DJ makes sure everybody joins the dance floor. Redefining house, EDM, and dance music; Christian makes sure each of his musical compositions can provide a potent dose of energy for every listener. One of his most creative works, ‘don trap – pilgrim of dub’ offers an ethereal musical journey with experimental works of trap music. This track spans over an hour and a quarter but does not feel monotonous for a single chance. Constantly evolving with transitions, this is of his masterpieces.

Similarly, there is another track named  ‘see you’ that reflects Christian’s amazing sense of original music and dynamic skills to come up with something new and unique every time. This track offers a more melodic side of electronica with soft grooves and perfect use of vocal influences. The track is capable of taking listeners on a different soundscape that hits differently like nostalgia. The subject matter of the song revolves around a long-lost feeling that can captivate everyone.

Christian Krauter has dropped many singles and mixes that show his creative skills such as, ‘Bass House Rock’, ‘Total Hustler’, ‘Sugar Daddy’, etc to name some. Being a talented Queensland DJ, this artist has gained a lot of attention from around the world. With a crazy mindset and a hunger to create more exquisite compositions, Christian is a mad genius who is best known for his craft. The artist is looking forward to dropping more singles in the coming days of his musical career, which is solely established by his talent, determination, and sheer individuality. Find him on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and all the major music platforms to know more. He is also available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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