O'Neill Fernandes

Music is an amazing form of art that will stay with you longer than you can imagine and the eminent artist O’Neill Fernandes is offering some incredibly performed retro numbers in his latest album To Love Somebody…’. This album has 21 impressive tracks, the release dates of these tracks are between 1959 to 2002 and all of them are originally were truly fascinating numbers his version of these numbers will make you fall off these incredibly all over again. This album is his 42nd album and was released on the 12th of June 2023. And you are witnessing the calming vibes of these retrospective numbers.

The title song of this album, by the best Pop music artist from Perth, is ‘To Love Somebody’. This track is originally written by Barry and Robin Gibb and was released in 1957. This masterpiece was truly a fascinating number and through his guitar strings, you can fall for this incredible number all over again and make yourself completely engulfed by this flawless release. Another track from his 42nd album ‘Diana’ is a 1957 release song by Paul Anka. The upbeat release will surely trigger you to dance with these engaging tunes and his impressive musical artistry.

A few other tracks from this album, ‘To Love Somebody…’, that cannot go without mentioning are ‘He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother’, ‘Back Home Again’, ‘Can’t Smile Without You’, ‘Tragedy’, and ‘True Blue’. These tracks have showcased his potential thoroughly and will also give some highly engaging vibes to those who are looking for it. This album can be your go-to playlist where you can enjoy these tracks while doing your daily chores or taking a bus ride, these tracks are upbeat and will surely uplift your mood. You can follow this incredible artist O’Neill Fernandes on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Facebook.

Let’s listen to O’Neill Fernandes’s new album ‘To Love Somebody…’ only on SoundCloud: 


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