Dealing with two distinct yet universal themes, the adroit New Milford Pop Singer Kevin C. Browne has released his songs ‘Leaving Me So Lonely’ and ‘Careless’.


Bringing intricate weaves of melodic layers together into a trippy melodic realm, the talented music maven Kevin C. Browne has released two enticing new singles, ‘Leaving Me So Lonely’ and ‘Careless’. Leaning heavily on his innate creative genius, the tracks portray a strong sense of identity with their innovative sound design that is paired with the familiar and distinctive vocals of the singer. In spite of the different themes that the two songs deal with, they find unity in the eclectic and unpredictable structures and verses that touch the hearts and lives of the listeners, leaving an everlasting impact on them.

Dealing with the universal theme of dealing with the loss of a loved one and clinging on to the hope that they would return someday, ‘Leaving Me So Lonely’ showcases an excruciating sense of pathos searing through a fabric of chaos that represent the tempest of emotions in the heart of the singer. Amid this discord, however, lies a sense of hope and a perpetual waiting, that haunts listeners, and invokes the deepest emotions in their hearts. On the other hand, ‘Careless’ brings forth a more familiar yet enlivening soundscape that emphasizes the theme that humans, at some point or the other in their everyday lives, tend to commit the folly of being a little careless. This emotion especially comes alive in the raw instrumental maneuvers through the sheer imaginative faculty of the New Milford Pop Singer and also in his organic vocal delivery.

A veteran in the field, Kevin C. Browne’s music draws elements from across a variety of genres including Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz, Christian Pop, and Post Punk, as can be seen in his previous releases like ‘Sugar Blues’ and ‘Goin’ Down The Highway (To See Jesus)’. Check out these masterpieces from the artist’s musical repertoire on SoundCloud. Listen to more of his music on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Deezer. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to never miss an update.

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