The gifted  London R&B Singer, Recertified Teenager, has released his new single “When The Going Gets Tough”, motivating listeners to persevere in the midst of hardships.

Recertified Teenager

Profound ad-libs and contemporary trap rhythms come together in the latest hip-hop number released by the talented music artist Recertified Teenager, “When The Going Gets Tough”. A song that inspires and instills confidence in the listeners from the very outset, while at the same time engaging them in a euphonious soundscape, it brings to light the musical diversity and innate creative genius of the artist. Sending out the message of being “strong and persevere and be of good courage”, the verses not only display the strength of the artist’s sublime songwriting but also etches out a lasting impression in the hearts of the listeners.

The depth of the verses wrings out a powerful message for the audience, emphasizing that it always takes patience and perseverance to deal with challenging situations. Persistence and patience produce character and experience, and experience gives birth to hope and faith, which lies at the heart of an individual’s will to live. With the finely-crafted lyrics, the London R&B Singer aims at building strength, reminding audiences of the reasons to keep pushing forward amid hardships, and never forgetting to celebrate and dance their hearts out because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

The innovative sound design takes on a bold turn, uniting euphoric layers of melodies, dreamy synths, and elements from an array of genres with fearless conviction. The memorable hooks, the quirky yet motivational vibe, and the sheer intensity of the performance with the singer’s enticing vocal meanderings breathe a new life into the song and turn “When The Going Gets Tough” into a priceless masterpiece in his musical repertoire. Check out this masterpiece by the Recertified Teenager, along with his other songs “I Hear Your Call” and “Good Old Days” on SoundCloud. Subscribe to his YouTube channel for more musical updates.

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