Move your feet with the catchy and highly engaging musical styles of this proficient North Carolina music band. Widely popular Apollo Craven will win your heart.

Apollo Craven

The seamless blend of indie music and highly fascinating progressive rock vibes offered by Apollo Craven through each release have made their audience glue their music craft. The gravitating styles along with their retro-themed vocals made each of their releases not just engaging but also something that will uplift your mood instantly. Music always had the power to soothe a wounded heart and their music is something that will work magically. One of their enigmatic tracks ‘Magick Man’ is a fine release, packed with grooving vibes and ecstatic soundscapes. Each beat along with every loop of this track is a complete musical gold mine.

From versatile musical styles with incredibly investing indie flavors, this North Carolina music band is known for their highly sizzling releases, the steamy soundscapes and the highly catchy verses are known to give the flawless zest every music lover wishes to witness. Another release from their fine music catalog, ‘Coalition Queen’ can make your heart melt and your eyes pop. The smooth musical alchemy of this number truly will make your day. The florescent quality of their charming lyricism is incredibly calming and at the same time captivating. Being successful in their separate ways, when together, they create something beyond all the explanations.

So, take a back seat and enjoy the musical journey presented by Apollo Craven. The gems from their musical catalog can’t be completed without mentioning ‘Magick Man’, ‘Beautiful Girl’, ‘Starseeds’, ‘Sunrise Soliloquy’, ‘High Horse’, and ‘Coalition Queen’. Yet, their catalog goes even longer but as a musical starter, you can enjoy these highly engaging tracks. The mystic and swinging soulful release by this enigmatic band will continue in the future as well. This Winston-Salem, United States-based band is available on various music-streaming platforms including SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Visit the below link for listening to all tracks on Soundcloud:

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