Darwin Nunez is now playing his first season for Liverpool and has gotten his nickname an ‘agent of chaos’ and every moment on the pitch is nothing short of that.

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The recent match between Liverpool and Newcastle was a completely breathtaking match and Darwin Nunez shined more than ever. His first season in Liverpool earned him the nickname of ‘Agent of Chaos’ as he can be rightfully described as either a hit or a miss. Every moment he was on the pitch, the £85m Uruguayan campaign has made the chaotic match between these two teams, an even more entertaining one. He became the savior in red from his chaotic presence as Liverpool won 2-1 against Newcastle. The 24-year-old was definitely the architect of a truly extraordinary turnaround where he scored two late goals and a remarkable match. The wildcard truly proved that even though he could turn a joker at any minute, he was surely the ace in this match.

At St James’ Park, Liverpool was already a goal down when Nunez entered the ground with only 13 minutes of the final time remaining. Four minutes after his introduction, it struck one for Nunez after taking the pass from Diogo Jota. He went for an unerring and low finish that went past Newcastle keeper Nick Pope and scored Liverpool their first goal. Both the Newcastle teams and the ground were left absolutely stunned as the victory seemed to be theirs but suddenly became not so sure. Nunez’s goal had an emphatic nature which added to Liverpool’s increasing threat that turned the stadium filled with excited and supportive crowd into a pool of anxious fans.

Nunez became the destroyer for the second time when he received Mohamed Salah’s through ball as he applied a “slightly more deft but still powerful shot” in the similar corner where he shot his first goal of the match. As a result, Liverpool was elated and Newcastle was stunned. This was most definitely a clear tribute to the club’s nature to dig deep when all hope seemed to be lost. One thing is for sure, It was also a reflection of the block that Eddie Howe and Newcastle seem to have against Klopp and Liverpool. Newcastle has not beaten Liverpool since the epic game of 2-0 at the same stadium in December 2015.

Klopp says that the club has “reloaded” after the disappointing last season as in this match Nunez’s goals proved it. However, besides Nunez, Liverpool also showed their firepower as players like Salah, Jota, Luis Diaz, and Cody Gakpo shined through and through. On this match, former Scotland international Pat Nevin said to BBC, “Newcastle could have wrapped it up, should have wrapped it up but Liverpool hung on and then got better and better. The changes Klopp made were brilliant. He threw on Nunez and Jota and what he hoped would happen happened. But with Newcastle, it was about the mentality of knowing they can go and beat a team like Liverpool. They didn’t know and that’s the difference. Liverpool know they can come back from these positions.”

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