Experience the fiery music track ‘SHOES’ by the New Jersey Dancehall Artist, Maga Hundred. Leaving the audience jaw-dropped with the sensational trap.


Introducing a musically brilliant rap ‘SHOES’ by the magical performer Maga Hundred, demands to be reckoned as one of the finest creations. The track showcases the subtle balance between Hip-Hop and contemporary, making it underlined among the several others. The well-written music track introduces the performer’s fresh skill and passion in a way that smoothly paves its way to the audience’s heart, where story and composition unite beautifully. The immense talent migrated to the US when he was about ten only from the Spanish Town of St. Catherine Jamaica, growing up he noticed his passion and love for music and started following the passion with great dedication.

The addictively stylish latest hit of the New Jersey Dancehall Artist is creating a sensation on the internet as the fans are going wild over the engaging music trap. The two-minute musical loop glues its audience throughout with the charming performance. The addictive new track has managed to garner the attention of the audience for its gritty wordplay and sharp approach. The piercing lines secure a permanent place in the mind of the audience. The catchy beats play as an unignorable ear-worm and force you to re-play. The refreshingly creative trap offers intense lyricism that is simple yet striking. The artist has worked with groups including Bobby Konders of Massive B sound, from Hot97, less pree music, hyper world, Dj Dillion, and so on.

Moreover, Maga Hundred, the fresh addition to the hip-hop music industry has surely enriched the industry with his exceptional skill and deep knowledge of music. His diversity shows his proficiency and passion for it. ‘SHOES’ is one the true examples of his unique and versatile performances. Tracks like ‘MAGA HUNDRED-BODY LIKE A DOLLY’, ‘MAGA HUNDRED-FOCUS’, ‘Nah Give Up’, and numerous others have managed to captivate the listeners. All of his fiery traps are on YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. Follow him on Instagram to know more.

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