Rock star KP-McBen is garnering love after dropping the fiery soundtrack ‘I Know-Beyond Any Doubt’. Well, the London R&B Singer has left fans mesmerized.


The London-based artist KP-McBen added a creatively refreshing and exceptionally delightful sight to the Hip-Hop. The artist has been pretty hard while perfecting his craft, his magical creations talk on behalf of his dedication and steady passion for music. ‘I Know-Beyond Any Doubt’ has an organic and satisfying aura. The quickly captivating track beautifully highlights the instrument playing and the slowly warming vocals, manage to engage listeners like glue from beginning to end. The emerging artist lets honest emotions merge with swift beats of melodious charm. The passionate vocals delicately fuse with a mellow yet heavy-paced composition.

The uplifting track powerfully wraps the listener, and the rhythm of the track creates a hypnotic moment that after the song ends a sudden wave of silence hits hard and the listener will be back again to re-play the track as the after-silence will be much to handle. The London R&B Singer uses the opportunity of creative freedom pretty well and which mixes brilliantly with mainstream quality of rock music. ‘I Know-Beyond Any Doubt’ is a very easy one to listen to on a loop. The impressively unfamiliar yet grooving piece of writing and music paved the way straight from the heart of the artist to the audience. The less than five-minute track is brief yet offers heating musical strength with a charming simple lyricism that sets an entrancing mood.

Well, the colossal talent, KP-McBen has gifted several other magical performances to his fans across the world such as ‘London’, ‘Don’t Trash It’, ‘It’s Not Over’ and ‘Me, Myself & I’. The profound soundscapes are a true example of subtle creativity and the modern hip-hop landscape. All of his magnificent creations are available on Soundcloud and YouTube. Keep an eye on the platforms and subscribe to his YouTube to get the latest updates of the upcoming releases.

Visit to hear this song ‘I Know-Beyond Any Doubt’ by KP-McBen:

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