A career on Spotify can be intimidating, but if you promote Spotify music then the hard part be done by the marketing games of this platform, offering you popularity.

promote Spotify music

The simple process of getting people here about anything is a three-way process, release, promote, and engage social media. This is the way to escalate everything that requires the attention of too many people at once. And for Spotify artists, the hard job of promotions is done by The Tunes Club. They are one of the most accomplished companies providing exposure to numerous Spotify artists and giving them the boost for a better future. Whether you are an aspiring music artist or have a complete decade in this industry, they are known for their organic results that help artists reach their target audience. So, for interested musicians, there is a simple that they can follow to attain their services.

The first step to promote Spotify music starts with the intention of winning millions of hearts. And understand the process that one needs to thousands of people before they can make it to a million audiences. To start with, visit their website and click on the yellow “Get Started” button. And on the very click, they will take you to the list of the packages they have for Spotify artists. The first package they have is the “Spotify Marketing Package”. This package allows artists to place one of their releases with them to promote. They will place the song on over 60 Spotify curated playlists offering your track around 3000 to 3500 listens. The social media engagement will give you a strong follower base for your future growth.

Next on the list is their “Spotify Promotion Pack”, this package allows their clients to promote two of their tracks at the same time. Both tracks will be placed in over 90 Spotify curated playlists; this will allow the tracks to witness over 7000 to 7500 plays on the platform. This package has some added benefits like press release distribution. Along with your social media engagement, there will be a press release written and distributed to make your song popular on several websites where music is celebrated each day. The press release will have a keyword, making it easier for artists to reach their target audience with legitimate SEO benefits.

To get these offers, artists have to put their link to the song along with their email address under the package portfolio, there will be a designated segment to avail each of their services. Next on the list is their “Spotify Marketing Pro Pack”, this is another extremely impactful option to make your tracks popular. This package allows the artists to put three of their releases for promotions. In this package, each of the tracks will be placed in 120+ playlists on Spotify, giving each of your tracks around 10000 to 11000 streams on Spotify. This package also enables a content marketing option, you can have a press release and a music blog written and distributed to various music-related sites.

Last yet their only preferable option to promote an EP or an LP is the ‘Spotify Promotion Pro Pack’, as this package allows the promotion of 4 tracks at once. The tracks will be placed on 180+ playlists and this will allow these tracks to reach 14000 to 15000 plays on Spotify. This package also has extensive content marketing options, there will be a press release, a music blog, and an artist’s review done and distributed to attain better results for the artist. Based on the services each package costs different and by the end of each service you can get a detailed report stating the difference they have offered for your tracks.

About the Company

The Tunes Club is one of the well-accomplished Spotify promotion companies, offering several Spotify artists the engagement their works deserve through their extensive works. To know more you can visit their website https://www.thetunesclub.com/.

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