Apollo Craven

Featuring a refreshing twist of creativity, diverting things a little away from the contemporary sound for a stunning introduction of hazy guitars and the smooth crash of drums, the dynamic band Apollo Craven takes the bar next level. Versatility is not the only strength of the band but it is also a central trait of their music projects, something that has been made clear by the immediate shift to creative music structure for the magnificent creations where Hip-Hop qualities blend with trippy production for a quirky and short seizing of any dawdling mind. The mellow yet gritty and intense verses play well with the cinematic instrumentation. The music frames are deeply emotive and vastly immersive.

The North Carolina Music Band drives in with soundscapes that are free in a creative approach to expression, delivering feather-like soft outpourings, toyed and warped with melodious yet simple arrangements. In short, diversity and eclecticism are central values of the magical creations of the prolific band, where the thought-provoking verses meet gently with the personality and freedom in exceptional yet impressive doses all along the way. ‘High Horse‘ is the fifth track from the album ‘Sessions in the Sun‘ which was originally published on 21st March 2021, later it was re-released in 2023 after re-mastering the sound frame. As long as expanding the creative space and shifting the narrative of recognized genres, the profound creators of the band have crafted a string of musicals that are humble yet so special.

Well, the soulful soundtrack engages the audience throughout its musical journey with its effortless charm and creative brilliance, another one, ‘Sapphire Blue‘, the third song from the album ‘Sessions in the Sun‘ is also re-released this year with more magic and perfection. The perfectly stimulated vocal blends wonderfully with the life-enriching music bites. The United States-based band Apollo Craven has already garnered immense attention with several gorgeous tracks including ‘Beautiful Girl’, ‘Her Majesty’, ‘Rain’ and many others. You can get to experience all of the soulful music frames available on Soundcloud, Spotify, ReverbNation, and Apple Music. Follow the band on Facebook and Twitter to know more.

Groove to the musical cascade by Apollo Craven:


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