Fasten your seatbelt to enjoy the fast-paced and creatively gritty soundtrack ‘Shoes’ by Maga Hundred. New Jersey Dancehall Artist knows how to impress fans.

Maga Hundred

Introducing brilliantly impressive and authentic rock, meet with raw artistry as Maga Hundred is instant to overcome the easy and uncomplicated angsty implications of the soundtrack Shoes. With the ethereal structure and an engaging rhythmic vocal flow, short verses, and intense poetic contemplations, the uplifting music track is injectingly infectious, engages listeners in a whole new way, is unfamiliarly memorable and moving, and displays the musician in a manner that will no doubt deliver however eclectic, to scream loud from the corner of his creative identity.

The magnificent New Jersey Dancehall Artist allows his vibrant musicals to reach out to all of the rock music lovers around the world. He is originally from the Spanish Town of St. Catherine Jamaica and when he was about ten he moved to the United States and started living there afterwards. The immensely talented artist has already worked with prolific artists such as Hyper World, Bobby Konders of Massive B sound, Less Pree Music, and many others. The artist is currently focusing on his upcoming music projects including ‘WITHOUT YOU’ and ‘UP AGAIN‘, the audience can’t wait to experience the rapid=fire vibrato and the fast-paced sound traps.

Well, the latest single ‘Shoes’ is in some ways a classic rap that boosts and motivates and in other ways an exceptionally genre-fusing anthem that elevates the passion. The magic of rock music knows how to maintain the balance between the rock and the creative verses, his radiant creations highlight his passion and skill for music so clearly. Maga Hundred has single-handedly taken the bar high for his contemporary musicians of the industry. The piercing verses create a highly energetic ambiance for the listeners to delve into the fiery tone and magnetic beats. He has catered a music cascade for his fans with powerful tracks like ‘BODY LAIKE A DOLLY‘, ‘FOCUS‘ and ‘Nah Give Up‘. All of them are available on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Apple Music. To know more follow him on Instagram.

‘Shoes’ the prolific song has been released by Maga Hundred:

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