BWilly Aka Brennan Williams sets the bar high for contemporary musicians with his soothing musical ‘Sound Healing Beats and Freq’s Vol.1’. Leaving fans jaw-dropped.


Rolling dance rhythms and classic EDM synths pave the way for the exceptionally self-reflective lyrics and emo vocals of BWilly, Brennan Williams produces soundtracks that are engaging, and the raw energy and intention of the writing introduces the defiant return of the artist and producer with hits of influence from the uplifting power of music in its many form. An array of voices, intricacies, and tempos, create the fearlessly versatile sound, slowly incorporating both the vigorous and ethereal by way of a descending bass pattern and less heavy overlaying synth.

The magnificent artist is a conscious creator on a mission to help heal the world one beat at a time. Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of sound healing with ‘Sound Healing Beats and Freq’s Vol.1’. An outright dance anthem besides a welcomed twist of creative personality, structurally the track is boldly refreshing and has an essence of mild familiarity, making fine use of long-form retro synth poetry and lyrical melodies all at once. The increasing energy and anticipation extending past the expected simplicity of mainstream and presenting an addictive intensity wraps things up with the rhythm and healing tempo.

The majestic creations like ‘Sky Is Falling’ and ‘11.11.222 BWily Sound Healing Season’ offer the listeners to dive into a captivating fusion of rhythm, frequency, and intention as BWilly, Brennan Williams masterfully weaves together a tapestry of sonic vibrations. This collection is a harmonious convergence of ancient wisdom and modern technology, where each beat and frequency is gorgeously crafted to guide you on a profound inner voyage. The United States-based musician has crafted several other tracks besides ‘Sound Healing Beats and Freq’s Vol.1’ like ‘Energetic Rain’, ‘Saqqara’, and ‘Stop Living In The Past’ that have garnered the love and attention of the listeners quickly available on SoundCloud and YouTube. Follow his website and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to know more.

Visit here to listen to this album, ‘Sound Healing Beats and Freq’s Vol.1’ on Soundcloud:

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