Promote your songs with some of the highly efficient music promotion services. You can get an engaged audience base along with more popularity in various music domains.

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For budding music artists, thriving on platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud can be intimidating but if you are willing to gain your audience then you will attain success easily. Music Promotion Club can ensure you gain those results organically and efficiently. If you are ready to let your music unleash to the world then you must go them to promote your songs. They have an elaborative platform that markets YouTube and SoundCloud tracks and their extensive marketing services allow your songs to get recognized in this comprehensive musical spectrum. If you are looking for SoundCloud promotions, YouTube music promotions, content marketing, and personalized EPK then this is the right place for you.

Through their music promotion services, you can reach millions of music enthusiasts and make your voice heard. This is the best way to get your music in the thriving music market and acquire the benefits. To get started you just have to share your email address in the designated box and click on the “Get Started” button. On the next page, you will find an option that you can add to your package to get a more impressive outcome. In the first portion of this page, you will find an option that you are looking for. There will be three options, SoundCloud Promotion, YouTube Promotion, and Other Music Promotion, choose as per your requirement and proceed to the next step.

If you have chosen SoundCloud promotion then in this step you will have to share your SoundCloud link and select the number of plays you would like to have on your song. Similarly, if you have chosen YouTube then you will have to offer your YouTube link. But in the case of YouTube, you will have to mention the amount you are willing to spend on YouTube marketing and they will share the number of plays they can offer based on the amount you have offered. For YouTube, you can also go for location-based distribution as well. This step will allow you to reach your audience within a very short time.

In the next step, you will find various content marketing options. They have press releases, music blogs, music reviews, and artist interviews in this segment. You can do any one or more as per your requirements. Then they also offer feature magazine posts for your music. They have two press release options either you can go for their starter press releases or you can also go for their premium press releases. Based on the service or services you choose you will have to pay for it. In their next segment, you can acquire extensive reach with advertisements. They have listed Google ads, Facebook, and Instagram ads on their website and this can bring you loads of attention to your music.

Lastly, they offer an electronic press kit to amplify your online marketing attributes. They have listed two EPK options on their website. You can order a 5-page EPK at $46 or you can also go for an 8-page EPK for $78. Once you have selected all of your requirements then you need to enter your name in the designated box and proceed to make the payment. There are two payment options PayPal and Stripe payment options and once you have completed the payment process within a few hours their representative will contact you to get your services started as early as possible.

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Music Promotion Club is one of the most renowned music promotional platforms that allow you to gain a lot of attention along with a dedicated workforce to accumulate promotional attributes for your music releases. To know more about them you visit their website at