Fans are appreciating the newest musical creation by incredibly talented New Milford Pop Singer Kevin C. Browne. ‘Lost Without You’ is available on SoundCloud.

Kevin C. Browne

The ardent fans and lovers of pop music can rejoice as Kevin C. Browne is here with his newest release, another impressive one. Music is an art of storytelling through melodious composition which makes it one of the most creative and popular art in the world. Seems like the artist has mastered this art, and his musical creations stood the ground to testify. His recent attempt to bring life to his music has been successful which Lost Without Youproves so ardently. With this new release, he is once again on the journey to showcase his creativity and innovative imagination through lyrics and melodies. The recent track is also getting quite a lot of appreciation from fans from all over the world.

Not just his audience, the New Milford Pop Singer seems to have impressed the critics as well this time, because the fresh release has also been getting positive reviews. The track has all the impressive elements one needs to create good music. Starting right from the amazing composition, to the storytelling through lyrics and his heart-touching vocals, the artist has nailed every category, making the song a memorable one. The artist has mentioned that this track is a two-part description. On one hand, it is about the love of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and how humanity is lost without it. On the other hand, the song also signifies how humans can be equally lost in the love of their partner, especially when they lost it in the first place. It is the ability to combine spirituality and human emotions that make the composition even more attractive to listen to.

The most promising part of ‘Lost Without You’ is definitely the heart-warming vocals of the artist which convey the emotions of the track perfectly. However, it is the addition of the boiling playing the mood of love that captivates the audience the most. The audience can listen to the track on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and YouTube along with previous releases, ‘Escape To Nowhere’, ‘His Name Is Jesus’, ‘Angel Serenade’, ‘Oh How I Wish I Knew’, etc. follow the artist on Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated.

Just go for this track, ‘Lost Without You’ by Kevin C. Browne:

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