It is time to get ready for the party with Queensland Dj Christian Krauter who has come up with a handful of new compositions such as ‘Open My Mind’, ‘Groove Bomb’ etc.

Christian Krauter

EDM and electronic music are popular around the world due to their high energy and captivating grooves that can resonate with the masses. However, only a few DJs are capable of expressing dynamic emotions through such high-octane compositions. Hailing from Australia, Christian Krauter is one of those highly creative DJs who has successfully conveyed emotions and different mental situations through his music. The track ‘Open My Mind’ is one of the greatest examples of creative works that offers a refreshing essence of the synth-pop genre along with additional elements of his creativity. The compositions come with a clock time of eight and a half minutes and throughout the whole soundscape, listeners can never feel bored even once. With a tight and well-knot composition, the main element of the soundscape is Banjo; another wacky example that no other DJ might have used.

Known for his out-of-the-box compositions, Krauter has gained much attention as a dynamic Queensland Dj who is spreading his musical aura all over the world. Previously, he has dropped many music projects that helped him pave his way towards success such as ‘Razzle – Dazzle’, ‘CK Workout Medley’, ‘Stomp Clap Stomp’, ‘Sunrise In Bejing‘; and the list goes on.

There is another track named ‘Groove Bomb’ and it is an absolute bomb just like the title suggests. It spans around 7 and a half minutes and offers a funk-filled groovy essence. The music composition is powerful and capable of captivating all kinds of listeners. Follow Christian Krauter on SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube to know more. The DJ is also available on Instagram, Facebook, and his official website.

To visit his SoundCloud profile, go through the below link :

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