Charming and impeccably talented rapper JÁNEEL is about to set your playlist on fire with the last part of his trilogy and newly released hit album ‘Sapphire Kiss’.


The young and rising global star, JÁNEEL the rapper has shot to the limelight with his debut as the Seattle Rap Artist 11 years ago and since then he has been making his fans groove and dance to his fresh and bouncy tunes. Since the very beginning of his career, this enigmatic rapper has been facing a lot of rough patches but his unwavering determination and passion for music has brought his craftsmanship out in the public for his fans to enjoy and relish. His tracks like Never Found Clown and Poseidons Risefrom his last part of his trilogy, the album ‘Sapphire Kiss’ have been gaining a lot of attention on the music streaming platforms.

The track ‘Never Found Clown’ from his album Sapphire Kissis an introspective track that speaks about the hardships the rapper had to face and the journey of self-discovery he had taken to make a better version of himself. Although, according to the rapper, this journey is continuing as he is working on himself every day.  The rough patches at the beginning of his career are beautifully described in the track accompanied by a soulful and heart-touching soundscape. The second track that must be mentioned when talking about the success of the rising rapper JÁNEEL is titled ‘Poseidons Rise’, which is a powerful comeback to the contradicting hurdles the singer had faced at the very start of his career. This song is completely different in tone from the previous track. It is more confident and the success of self-discovery is clearly seen in this track.

The track acts as revenge served in a melodious way as it speaks about the haters and the people who always talked negatively about the rapper or did not care for his talent and potential in the music field. The up-and-coming artist is busy right now creating a better version of himself so that he can keep on enticing his fans with his fresh and unique soundscape. Apart from the above-mentioned track the whole album is streaming on SoundCloud so fans can check out the album consisting of 10marvellous tracks and to get new updates about the rapper, they can check out his social media profiles on Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Visit this link to hear the album ‘Price Tag’ on Soundcloud:

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