The prolific Pop music artist from Perth, O’Neill Fernandes continues to embark on his musical journey and attain global listeners with the album ‘Price Tag’.

O'Neill Fernandes

O’Neill Fernandes, the versatile pop music artist is showcasing his charm by offering excellent pieces of music. His exceptional music presentations have garnered many listeners from all around the world. This artist has enhanced the true essence of pop music, which is really mesmerizing. His craftsmanship of delivering eclectic music has attracted listeners. O’Neill is an artist who constantly tries to experiment with his creations. And that is what makes him different from all. This solo music artist has recently dropped his 48thalbum, named ‘Price Tag’. With this album, he has delivered a total of 21 classic cover songs that have attracted many audiences.

This Pop music artist from Perth has fascinated all the listeners with his phenomenal album. The very first soundtrack of the album ‘Price Tag’ is a phenomenal work. It is a cover song by the English singer Jessie J featuring American rapper B.O.B. It was released in 2011 and now this Australian musician has tried his bit and offered a unique version of it. Another soundtrack that has gained much popularity is ‘I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’. It is one of the most famous classic songs that was made by Nik Kershaw in 1984. O’Neill’s unique and relatable presentation has touched the soul of every listener.

‘Price Tag’ is a remarkable album, which is now being cherished by all pop music enthusiasts. O’Neill Fernandes continues to shine by offering his poignant pieces of music. Other than this album, he has given many other soundtracks that are equally charismatic. A few creations of him are ‘I Love To Love’, ‘Poor Boys Blues’, ‘Simon Says’, and ‘Guardian Angel’. Listen to his music creations on music streaming platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube. Follow him on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more about his upcoming music works.

To hear O’Neill Fernandes’s latest album ‘Price Tag’, visit the link given below:

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