The most tempting hip hop artist in SoundCloud this sunny summer is Juni Santana aka Papi Versace who is back with his new release “Juice!” for fans. This young artist has already set a level for Oklahoma City, his native land that was not very well known for hip hop music scene. But with Papi’s official appearance, many other rappers and artists of the place got the courage to nurture their art form and make Oklahoma a hotspot for contemporary trap and hip hop music.

Papi made his debut exposing his music making skills in the instrumental track “U Aint Ready”. This hardcore trap track is dozed with trippy trap scores powered by the base instrument TR 808 drum machine. Also he steadily kept on producing tracks like “IMHERDADDY”, Dont you Want Me Daddy” and “Get !t back” that clearly proved that he is an expert producer. However, his rapping skills and star qualities were revealed in the single “Vince Carter!” This amazing single not only sustained in the top-notch position in SoundCloud but went viral on Youtube as well.

Papi Versace is steadily attaining all the professional abilities that are required to become a hip hop icon in the contemporary music zone. Apart from his music skills he has an extremely pleasing personality and the X-factor that the celebrity hip hop icons have. The single “Juice!” is a seamless blend between sassy music score, witty and introspective lyrics and gives the raunchy vibes of trap music. This is a hard trap track and has grabbed listeners’ attention for the music and catchy lyrics.

For the hip hop lovers who are craving for a perfect club banger track, add “Juice!” to your playlists. The amazing effort of producer NextKingz and rapper Tony GZ has helped Papi’s track to become a masterpiece. Connect with him in different social sites.

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