Newyork, Jun 11 ( – Rising artist Bambalboa takes the world by storm by his unique and rare hip hop and rap blends. This capable artist from New York, United States proves his skills as a musician through releasing his latest single ‘Deserve It All’. He has his own production house Breesh ent. His imagination, unpredictability and creativity are what set his songs apart from others. The high quality and expert production of his songs will make you fall in love with his music. If you are a fan of exotic blends of hip hop and rap, then this music artist will not disappoint you.

The track ‘Deserve It All’ highlight the highest level of creativity and originality in lyricism and musicality. The track offers you a perfectly delicate and smooth musical backdrop which is supported as well as enhanced by Bambalboa’s vocal performance. This professional rapper presents an incredibly calm yet perfectly executed flow of rap verses, this effectively keeps up with the mood of this beautiful musical piece. He has handled all the details and elements in this track with skill and passionate accuracy. The clarity in the music of this artist works cleverly and goes on to add a string of ideas and concepts.

The beats, hooks and snares are provocative in a number of ways, but on top of this, they make this track for a sublime and easy to listen to. The sound of the artist’s voice is very addicted and the flow of the tune and rhythm are slightly more intense and emotional which makes this track very enjoyable as well as memorable. The lyrics throughout this release are very accessible and refreshingly unfamiliar. The musicality of this artist will get you hooked and will keep you coming back for more.

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