LILREDForthcoming artist LILRED features an exotic array of hip hop and rap blends which is causing a stir in the music industry.  His tracks are getting quite a lot of attention due to their exclusiveness and singularity. This music artist from Dallas, United States, mainly likes to work with hip hop and rap music genre. He has displayed considerable skill in bringing together two different music genres. His music is a testament to ambition, professionalism, artistic and creative vision.  He has given a new meaning to the hip hop and rap music genre. Clear cut production and fresh new style is what this artist is all about.

Airy keys, smooth transition, and addictive sounds burst around you into wispy clouds of euphoria, these elements introduce the expert production of the artist. Echoing snares thrum in your ears while the thundering bass looms in the background, keeping the audiences hypnotized. His music functions like a rising storm, unusually gratifying and seemingly deep-rooted to LILRED’s style and approach towards hip hop and rap music genre. This talented artist has undoubtedly brought forth a quirky project which an equally unique thoughts and concepts here.

The melodic groove and overwhelming ambience in his tracks like ‘Intro (prod. Gum$)’, ‘Trophies (prod. Lytton Scott)’ and ‘Revival (prod. Pilgrim)’ work hard to draw you in and keep you mesmerized. The dark and somewhat reflective aura of his music reaches out and connects with the listeners of all ages in a surprising way and allows them to explore the depth of the feelings and emotions of the artist. The uplifting and the positive vibes of these tracks will get you hooked. The beats, rhythms and the expressive lyricism all work harmoniously to create a flawless soundscape which makes you fall in love with his music.

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