New York City, Jun 16, 2018 (Worldfrontnews.com) –Hip Hop genre is gaining massive popularity because of its positive and motivational element as well as its resemblance of real life events. This genre has seen the rise and fall of many artists but this versatile artist Mike Nauti still continues to enrich and contribute to this genre through his real and innovative musicality. This amazing artist from Harlem, United States, has come back into the spotlight again with two of his latest release ‘Quiet Storm – Mobb Deep x Mike Nauti *Freestyle*and ‘No Love (Freestyle)’ is rocking the gala worldwide. His playful and vibrant music will instantly get you hooked.

The track ‘Quiet Storm – Mobb Deep x Mike Nauti *Freestyle*’ offers the audiences a strong touch of character and individuality of the artist. The music of this track displays thoughtfulness and an advanced level of creativity and artistry. It appropriately kicks things off and the smoothness and the easy laid-back vibes make this track easy to get into. The artist Mike Nauti’s leading voice fits in perfectly with the funky beats and incredibly honest lyricism as well as everything that surrounds it. The lyrics of this track offer a much-needed touch of inspiration and motivation.

No Love (Freestyle)’ offers incredibly frank and unbelievably expressive lyricism and such soundscape which is thrilling as well as soothing all at once. This track exhibits the artist’s creativity and innovativeness and his unique and eclectic approach towards music. It offers an array of catchy hooks along with progressive beats which instantly catches your attention. This track surrounds you with an immersive and a dreamlike ambience which is created by the flawless execution of instrumentations like keys, drums and synthesizers. These tracks have become the go-to tracks for all music fans.

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