Indianapolis, Jun 18, 2018 ( It has been almost a year or even more that Joshua Miller aka Hot Dizzy, the versatile hip hop artist from Indianapolis positioned himself amongst the top list of Soundcloud superstar. His storytelling rap tracks, go-getter attitude and vibrant music score are some of the essential elements of his music pieces. His all time favourite hits “Fake Nigga”, “My Hitta”, “My Life”, “Sleepin on Me” and a few others are still the most played tracks on the gala. Dizzy’s bold voice texture and his incredible attitude are his strength. This time he has dropped a track that not only confirms is stardom but gives a closer look to his dreams and aspirations. Listen to Paper Chaser on SoundCloud and have a closer look into Hot Dizzy life.

Dizzy’s past life has been tough and he has faced every hurdle with courage. He has never let anything to affect his dream of becoming a rap icon. He managed to take out some time from his busy schedule and composed tracks that reflected his personal life, his dream and how he wants to achieve them all.  The single “Paper Chaser” is the actual reflection of him, his dream to become to earn a lot with his music. This track is loaded with introspective lyrics narrated in a storytelling tone and powered with unparallel music score. This track is truly inspiring for all young rappers and artists with a dream to become prosperous. This straightforward attitude is what makes him the favourite artist of every contemporary music lovers.

Dizzy has been successfully performing in many live shows and events. He is currently working on a new mix tape that is soon going to be out on SoundCloud.  Realise the motivational power of hip hop music with the incredible single “Paper Chaser” by this self-made rap genius. Find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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