djidaze 03Chicago, Jun 23, 2018 ( –Versatile music band djidaze makes a grand entrance in the music industry through his song ‘IDazeMiXofEpsilon. These talented music artists from United States specialize in various music genres like dance and EDM music genres. He has his own production house named I-Daze Records. They are determined to leave a mark in the music industry through his remarkable musicality. If you are big fan of dance and EDM music then these amazing music artists might be the one for you. Their music is already attracting a lot of music fans to the gala.

In this track ‘IDazeMiXofEpsilon’, you get a distinct feel of the artist’s sound, style and what he is about musically. It delivers a notably personal style and the intense passion and emotions in the leading vocal performance is very relatable. In terms of artisticality, this track is perfectly-produced and well-performed and the rhythms reverb and hooks are very heavy. It’s a huge amount of potential makes it worth listening to. The infectious riffs, distorted synths make their way to your sub consciousness, offering inspiration, motivation and the winner’s mentality which constantly keep reminding you of your goals.

This versatile artist’s music has a disguised confidence as it is a combination of dance and EDM music genre which is making big waves in the music culture. The subtle yet expert approach of the artist djidaze towards his music highlights the creativity and craftmanship incorporated in the work. The concepts and the ideas expressed in his music with the sheer passionate soundscape hits you hard. The riffs keep exploding through the speakers instantly grab your attention. The positive energy and vibes create a place of blissful sense of optimism and possibility, which uplifts your mind and spirit.

His music will get you hooked and keep you coming back. Find and follow him on SoundCloud and Twitter.

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