Sleeping habits of millennials are changing due to the modern work process. Deficiency in sleep is not the only thing that burns your energy but some of the things that you do daily burns your energy both physically and mentally. Experts have found that there are certain bad habits in your lifestyle which makes you tired quickly. Below written are those along with its cure.

Skipping workout

Many think that skipping workout will help to save energy but it actually works against you.  It is proven that exercising regularly will help you feel energized because it will make your cardiovascular system run efficiently and will transport oxygen and nutrients to your tissue.

Not drinking enough water

Slight dehydration causes a reduction in blood volume and makes the blood thicker. Proper hydration is needed in your body to keep yourself active. It will also let your heart pump proper and transfer oxygen to muscles and cells.

Trying to be perfect

No one in the world is perfect or can be perfect. When trying to be perfect will make you work harder and longer, and a time will come when you will realize that the extra time you were giving to improve your work was actually not working.

Too much worried

Anxiety can paralyze you and fatigue you mentally.  When you find yourself with such a problem then take a deep breath and relax. It’s better if you go outdoors, meditate, exercise and share your problems with your friends to help you cope and become realistic.

Tired Millennials

Skipping breakfast and living on junk food

Proper breakfast is required for your body to start the metabolism in your body. Maximum junk food contains a high level of sugar which increases the blood sugar level and these makes you feel exhausted. You must intake baked chicken and brown rice, salmon and sweet potato or fruit and chicken salad to maintain the body sugar level.

Messed up with office work and working on vacation

Make a proper work schedule so that it doesn’t create pressure on your brain and make you feel exhausted. During vacation, you must keep your work aside to relax your brain.

Drinking wine before bed and depending on caffeine

Alcohol creates a bounce-back effect on your metabolism which will make you feel exhausted the next day. Consuming excess coffee will disturb your sleep which will make you feel tired and you will find no energy in your work.

Checking e-mails at bedtime and staying up late on the weekends

The light from a tablet, Smartphone or computer screen highly affects those hormones that regulate our sleep and wake cycles. Staying up late on weekends will make you feel sleepy on a Monday morning.

The little changes in your habit will help you stay energized throughout the day.

Anindita Banerjee

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